Keep your house clean and organized – for your sanity

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Being organized is a matter of an inner game. A disorganized environment is likely to be a result of a chaotic mind. If you keep your house clean and organized, you will achieve clarity of mind and peace. It’s not an all in all solution, but it is an excellent first step.

When drowning in clutter, keeping a home tidy and organized seems like a pipe dream. Where and how do you start cleaning and organizing the house?

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keep your house clean and organized

Be Ruthless and keep your house clean and organized

Start throwing things out. Yes, it is ruthless and challenging to do. Clutter accumulates because we have grown attached to the stuff in our homes.

My yardstick as to what to keep or throw away is whether I have needed a specific item in the last 6-12 months. The best place to start is the surfaces.

When last did you eat on your dining table?

Has it turned into a “bookshelf,” or a cupboard? Chances are, these have even gathered dust. Throw them away, give them to charity or your mom. Either way, they need to go! 

To keep your house clean and organized does not need to be a one day job. This one step alone will suffice for one day. It takes time to accumulate clutter; it shouldn’t take a day to clear it.

Designated rooms and spaces

organize your mindAs tempting as it is to iron in-front of the TV or eat from the bedroom – such behavior confuses the mind. You will start associating the TV room with housework, making it difficult to relax in it.

Such action will, in turn, result in un-ironed clothes cluttering the TV room.

Even within a room (e.g., the kitchen) – it is beneficial to have designated spaces for your various kitchen gadgets and utensils.

A smaller kitchen space may lead you to store some things on the counter-top (I do that with my canisters). It is still imperative that such gadgets have designated areas and corners within the counter-top.

I blogged a bit about organizing your kitchen counter-top.

The same principle applies to other areas of the home, e.g., organizing your shoes

You deserve a sacred space

It is not easy to keep your house clean and organized when you have children and pets. Over and above maintaining a minimalist approach, you will benefit from having a room that serves as your sacred space (playing and pets not allowed).

For most homes, this is usually a living room (away from the TV room). Having such a neat and organized space will do wonders for your mind. It is where you come when you need to organize your thoughts or entertain visitors.

Make use of a cleaning schedule

First, you’ll need to establish one.

Fridays are my days for cleaning the house (vacuuming, mopping the floors, polishing furniture, laundry, etc.). The other days are for routine cleaning (sweeping and dusting). It is a routine that is ingrained in my head, but a schedule can help when things get out of hand.

The “Get Organized, Get Happy” bundle includes a home binder that comes with a cleaning schedule (among other nifty things).  It is handy if you want to keep your house clean and organized.


Let’s be honest; technology has become a necessary part if you want to keep your house clean and organized. If dirty dishes tend to pile up in your kitchen, there is no shame in gifting yourself with a dishwasher.

Vacuuming feels like a chore sometimes, especially when you own a big one. Switch to something compact and portable. It makes it easy to move around while vacuuming. A robotic vacuum cleaner is even much better.

I’m guilty of un-ironed clothes piling up after washing. A steamer is a better solution, compared to using an iron, and it works much faster too.

These are just a few basic ideas to help you organize your mind and keep your house clean and organized. It is possible that one approach could achieve that for you, without applying all of them.

Happy organizing!

keep your house clean and organized

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